Limestone Bathroom Tiles – Easily Maintained Longevity

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When renovating your bathroom you will have more choices than you can imagine. Most of your decisions will be made in keeping with your vision of the finished product. To bring your dream bathroom to fruition, there is no better choice than installing a natural stone product such as limestone. Limestone offers incredible durability and can range in colour from white to very dark blues and greens, with most colours in the off-white to cream range. Conveniently, these are the colours most commonly sought after when redesigning a bathroom. In addition to the colour range and durability, limestone offers a look that just can't be beat by vinyl or composite tiles.
Durable and Beautiful
Limestone, while considered a softer stone than granite or marble, is incredibly durable. It may not stand up to a monster truck rally, but unless these rallies are frequently being held in your bathroom you'll never run into a problem. For most people, the strength of limestone tiles is more than adequate for bathroom uses. Since limestone tiles are available in so many different colours and textures, you're sure to find the right tile for the job. Textures are a great way to add an earthy feel to your home while the overall use of natural stone can increase the value of your home quickly and easily. In order to protect your investment, a sealant may need to be applied. If you're unsure if the tile you've selected will require sealing, speak to your natural stone supplier. A knowledgeable staff member will be happy to speak with you about the process.
Easy to Clean and Maintain
Limestone is one of the easiest surfaces to manage and keep clean. A clean mop and a bit of warm, soapy water used once a week will keep your tiles looking great for years to come. Between moppings, a simple sweep or wipe down of the tiles is all that is needed. While some people choose to have a limestone polish applied from time to time, it generally isn't required as frequently as other types of tile. To prevent water damage to unsealed tiles, simply dry up any pools of liquid resting on the tile rather than leaving it to air dry. With these very simple steps, your limestone tiles will be sure to look great for decades.
Choosing a limestone tile for your bathroom is highly beneficial. From the colours and textures available to the stone's longevity and durability, these diverse tiles are an ideal choice. The simple installation and value added to your home make them a smart decision for any home remodel or renovation, and will leave your guests speechless. Speak with only the best natural stone supplier today to start your project on the right foot. They'll help you decide on a tile and will provide information regarding its maintenance, installation and any protective products that may need to be applied in order to keep your new investment looking its best for a lifetime.